BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – On Thursday, December 13, more than 30 different businesses across the state received bomb threats.

According to law enforcement, there has not been any indication that there is an actual bomb in any of the reported locations. These threats are being sent through e-mail to scare people into sending a ransom of bitcoin. Bitcon is a cyber crypto currency, that according to Beckley Police Detective, David Allard, is almost untraceable.

“The biggest thing is anatomization of it and once they pay that money it’s very hard for us to be able to recover that,” Allard said.

Federal, state and local authorities are aware of these threats and are continuing to investigate. So far, police believe these threats are just an attempt to extort money. Allard said he just wants to remind people to remain calm.

“We want them to call, we are going to respond and we are going to take a report. If they observe any suspicious activity, suspicious people, suspicious items; clearly we will handle that and address it on a case by case basis,” Allard explained.

He said the best thing to do is not to respond to these kinds of e-mails and to stay vigilant. Beckley Police detectives told 59 News they are continuing to follow these threats and will inform the public once more information becomes available.


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